Maurizio Ferrarotti


Maurizio Ferrarotti

Maurizio Ferrarotti. Sono nato a Torino il 30 gennaio 1965. Dal 1996 lavoro come traduttore multilingue, copy editor, tutor linguistico, correttore di bozze free-lance in regime di prestazioni occasionali. Mi piace leggere, scrivere, viaggiare, mangiare bene, ascoltare tonnellate di musica, fotografare, giocare a pelota basca. Clicca qui per consultare il mio CV.
I was born in Turin, Italy, the 30rd of January 1965. Since 1996 Ive been offering occasional services as free-lance translator, copy editor, language tutor and proofreader. I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, eating genuine food, listening to tons of music, photographing, playing Basque pelota. Click here to read my resume. 



Editing e correzione bozze. Offro la mia collaborazione a tutti coloro che abbiano necessit di revisionare un testo da qualsiasi punto di vista, grammaticale, sintattico, stilistico ecc. Le revisioni sono effettuate sia su supporto cartaceo sia su file. La mia tariffa di 10 euro a cartella.
Editing and proofreading. Offering my collaboration to whoever may need to revise a text from any point of view, i.e. grammar syntax style etc. Such revisions are performed either on paper or electronic file. My rate is 10 euro per typed page.
Traduzioni. Inglese e Spagnolo. La mia tariffa di 0,08 euro a parola. Il preventivo viene stilato sul conteggio delle parole del testo originale.
Translation. English/Spanish translator. My rate is 0,08 euro per world. The estimate is drawn up on the original text word counting.
Language Tutoring a domicilio (Langhe-Roero). Inglese, Spagnolo, Italiano per stranieri. La mia tariffa  di 20 euro orari. Consultate i miei dizionari: Glossario del Vino, Inglese per Infermieri ed English Rocks!.    
Home Language Tutoring (Langhe-Roero). English, Spanish, Italian for foreigners. My rate is 20 euro per hour. Check my dictionaries: Wine Glossary, English for Nurses and English Rocks!.

La consegna dei lavori avviene tramite posta ordinaria o elettronica, CD rom o memory pen in conformit alle esigenze del cliente. Il pagamento effettuabile tramite assegno, bonifico bancario o cash alla consegna del lavoro.
Delivery through ordinary mail or email, CD rom or memory pen in accordance to costumer requirements. Payment on delivery by check, bank transfer or cash.

Il mio indirizzo /my address is: Maurizio Ferrarotti, Via Pace 27, 12068 Narzole (CN), Italy.


Pala Pelota World


There’s sweat on my finger tips
I got a belly full of beer shits
My head is too close to the wall
There’s blood in my underwear
I don’t know how I got it there
I swear I’d bust open my head, should I fall

I know weaker personalities
’Cos they’re sitting around my home with me
I’ve got an ever loving wife... of a sort
There’s a bottle and a half to go
Don’t ask me where ’cos I don’t know at all
Sit right down, one for the road?

We don’t stick it where it don’t belong
We don’t mend what ain’t broken
And it’s not because we’re strung out on the sauce
We’re not picking up the pieces
Of a world that still increasingly
Just has to know my business
What is yours?

Well there’s hate where my liver sits
I got cigarettes to pull to bits
I don’t think too much it’s bad for the soul
I got bottles for good company
A great drinker and his love could be...
Well of all the stupid things I’ve been told
They took my car


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